Wednesday, September 4


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So I had planned to make dinner tonight, but right before I started, our friends texted to ask if we were walking over to the food trucks. So, we decided that since they’re getting married this weekend, we really had no choice but to go. (As you can see, it took a lot of arm-twisting.) Our neighborhood is pretty awesome – a vegan soul food restaurant, a co-op that doesn’t sell any meat except in companion animal food (and has a hot bar/deli), lots of vegan friendly restaurants including two pizza places, a tapas bar, two vegan bakeries within a couple of miles (Dough and Dulce) and on Wednesday nights in the summer, a food truck park. There are a couple of trucks that come that have vegan options, Yumbii and Viet Nomie’s. Yumbii is just a little treasure – they serve Asian/Mexican fusion and it is awesome. They have stir-fried tofu tacos and tofu burritos, both with lettuce, sriracha sauce and a wedge of lime to squeeze on it, in a flour tortilla. They are so good. They also have the most amazing fries ever – they’re cooked in a blend that includes sesame oil and have a spicy and sweet coating on them. Also? There’s sriracha ketchup to dip them in, which is exactly as good as it sounds. We got some tacos, a burrito and an order of fries. The other truck, Viet Nomie’s wasn’t there tonight, but they have a tofu and rice dish that’s really good and a tofu bahn mi, which is awesome. We go pretty regularly to the trucks and we’ve got it down to a science - we bring camping chairs and a camp table that rolls up and goes in a bag just like the chairs, so we can dine in comfort and style.

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    luminousvegans (Thursday, 05 September 2013 10:16)

    I love Yumbii!!

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    Seth Pajak (Thursday, 05 September 2013 10:36)

    Yumbii is delicious!