Friday, September 13; Vegan Mofo Day 13

La Fonda Restaurant

Rating: 4.25

Thursday had both of us going in different directions – Seth working on a freelance project and me at the Atlanta Botanical Garden for a friend’s magical birthday celebration – so we just had leftovers. The weather is starting to cool off, not that it ever really got hot this summer, but the first feeling of autumn is in the air, so we decided to go somewhere we could sit outside for dinner. We settled on La Fonda because it’s right across the street and we could walk there. La Fonda is a chain of restaurants here in Atlanta that is also connected with Fellini’s pizza. When you see one of these restaurants, look next door or across the street for the other. They are almost always side-by-side. I only know of one or two in the area that are stand-alone. Anyway, the food is pretty good and very vegan friendly – just ask them to hold the cheese. The rice and beans are noted on the menu as vegetarian, so that makes it even easier since all entrees come with a side of rice and black beans. Seth got the tacos and I got the enchiladas. Both are filled with grilled squash, mushrooms, broccoli, onion, peppers, pimentos and fresh spinach. The tacos also have a mustard-mojo sauce and the enchiladas are topped with a delicious chipotle and ancho sauce. The veggies are always crisp and never squishy which I love. I’m glad we have so many veggie options so close to home.



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