Sunday, September 15; Vegan Mofo Day 15

Hummus Plate

Rating: 3.75

We had planned to have the chickpea cutlets I had in the freezer for dinner, but Seth’s cousin called and he was in the neighborhood with his wife, daughter and dogs and was hoping we could meet them somewhere they could bring the dogs for a bite to eat. Our neighborhood is very dog friendly and there were two places we thought of right off that were both dog and vegan friendly. We ended up at Diesel, a fun little restaurant/bar with a great patio. They have a black bean patty on the menu that’s vegan, but sadly, the buns have egg in them so if you get it, it’ll have to be bun-less. We both went with the hummus plate that’s on the appetizer menu. I know, I know, not the most imaginative thing and sort of what vegans often have to “settle for” at restaurants, but it hit the spot. In addition to the hummus and pita, it came with a decent selection of veggies – red bell pepper, carrot sticks, sliced cucumber and tomato, kalamata olives and a couple of pepperoncini. The hummus was really creamy and quite tasty. A nice light summertime supper and catching up with family we don’t see often enough – great way to cap off a wonderful weekend. 

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