Friday, September 27; Vegan Mofo Day 27

Red Lentil Dahl, Cabbage Mixed Vegetables, Naan & Samosas

Rating: 4.5

We’d been craving Indian food for a little while and I realized that we hadn’t had red lentil dahl in a pretty long time. The recipe we normally use is crazy simple, which is odd considering it’s from The Artful Vegan, one of the Millennium Restaurant cookbooks. It’s actually a component of one of the appetizer plates, but it makes a fair amount. This time I doubled the batch so that we’d have more leftovers. I also like to add more curry powder to it than it calls for, but that’s just personal preference. It comes together very quickly, so it’s a great dish to make when you need or want to have dinner on the table quickly, which is probably pretty much always, right? I was out of brown basmati so we just used white. We like to have a nice vegetable side with dahl, and there’s a recipe in The Indian Vegan Kitchen that we love. It’s also pretty easy to make, and doesn’t take a ton of chopping or prep. It’s basically cabbage, potatoes, peas, carrots and onions along with coriander, turmeric and mustard seeds. The curried cabbage and peas recipe in Appetite for Reduction is similar, but I prefer this one – it’s just a bit more flavorful and has more veggies in it. We had some naan in the freezer so I just had to warm it up and we were good to go there. We use the naan recipe in Vegan Eats World  - it is amazing and delicious and will change your life. It makes 8 loaves, which freeze really well so you can just have them whenever. (They also make great crusts for quick personal size pizzas.) The samosas were just the frozen Sukhi’s brand we get from Whole Foods. 

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