Sunday, September 29; Vegan Mofo Day 29

Cream of Broccoli Deluxe Soup and Grilled Daiya

Rating: 4.25

It’s hard to believe Vegan Mofo is almost over! Does anyone know where September went? The weather here in Atlanta is starting to cool off (not that it ever really got hot this year), so I’ve been feeling like soup lately. Seth was in Charlotte visiting his sister, so it was just me for dinner. A while back we stumbled on a recipe in the Forks Over Knives book (the one that came out with the movie) for a cream of broccoli soup that uses cashews for the creaminess. So of course we had to make it. We loved it and have made it several times since then. It’s one of my favorite soups, so I decided to make a batch. It makes a lot so I have tons left for lunches this week. There are a lot of veggies in it, so it takes a little while to get it prepped, but once everything is chopped it’s really simple. I like to soak the cashews first even though the recipe doesn’t specify to do so. I just think they get smoother that way, but it’s really not necessary since I use a Vitamix and it makes quick work of them. Anyway, since there were so many veggies (broccoli, bell pepper, carrot, celery, onion, garlic & potato) in the soup, I decided to have a grilled cheese sandwich with it instead of a salad, which I’d been planning to have. Plus, I had a huge salad for lunch so I was pretty much salad-ed out for the day. I used some sourdough and Daiya cheddar. Easy, homey, satisfying. 

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