Wednesday, October 9

Peruvian Purple Potato Soup

Rating: 4

So, when our CSA shut down for the summer, we got a LOT of potatoes. Like a lot a lot. Now, we love potatoes as much as the next vegans, but dang it was hard using all of them. They were all the red-skinned (the kind with the really thin skin) and purple. I squealed when I saw all the purple ones, because I love them, but there were a lot more of those little effers than I thought at first. I made a lot of potato chips, a lot of French fries, a lot of roasted potatoes, a lot of mashed potatoes and finally I was out of the red ones, but there were still some purples left to go. I’ve been on a bit of a soup kick lately, and I really like the purple potato soup recipe in Appetite for Reduction, so there you go. It’s really a simple recipe and uses a lot of potatoes – 2 pounds in fact. Now, I still don’t have a kitchen scale so I had to guess and I think I overdid it a bit. The soup came out thicker than usual, but it was still really good. There’s one thing I didn’t do that the recipe calls for and that was peeling the potatoes. I just don’t peel potatoes unless it is absolutely necessary. I also used one jalapeno instead of two, because I’ve learned that the recipes in this book are sometimes hotter than I like. I forgot however, that I like two jalapenos in this soup. Also? I thought I had a lime in the fridge, but I didn’t so we were without the lime juice, too. Oh well. It was still good. I would have rated it higher were it not for my issues of no lime juice, too many potatoes and not enough jalapeno.

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