Pinto Bean and Vegetable Tacos

Saturday, October 12

Pinto Bean & Vegetable Tacos

Rating: 4.25

Avocado Situation, Day 3. The avocados are winning. I think they’ve been multiplying in the basket. Send help. My resolve is strong that the little green bastards will not prevail. Yes, we just had tacos two nights ago, but since we’re engaged in battle with a very sneaky enemy, we had to resort to drastic measures and have them again. I asked Seth if it was OK to have tacos so close together like that and he said he could eat tacos pretty much every day and be fine with it, so onward I pressed with my attack plan. We just had black beans and we’re having tofu for dinner on Sunday, so I didn’t want to use either of those. I went back to our friend the pinto bean and actually made that portion of the Curry Tofu Taco recipe again. I sautéed some bell pepper, asparagus, and broccoli and Seth made another batch of guac. (Take THAT avocados! You’re one soldier down now!) We stuffed it all into soft corn tortillas along with some leftover pico and topped them with more of the cashew sour cream. I swear that stuff is taking lessons from the avocados and growing in the fridge. Simple & easy taco dinner. And yummy. 

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