Black Bean, Zucchini & Olive Tacos

Friday, October 18

Black Bean, Zucchini & Olive Tacos

Rating: 4.25

I have to admit, we’ve been on a bit of a taco kick lately. They’re just so good it’s hard not to. It had been a little while since I’d made this particular recipe from Appetite for Reduction, so I figured it was time to dust it off. Like most recipes in AFR, it’s not complicated to make at all, but is super yummy good to eat. Once you get everything diced up, it’s just a matter of sautéing the veggies and warming the beans. I modified by only using 1 jalapeno instead of two, but I don’t think 2 would have been too spicy. The zucchini cooks down quite a bit, so it’s really not as much as it seems at first. It says it makes 8 tacos, and even though I knew we’d never eat all 8 with just the two of us, I went ahead and made a full batch anyway, knowing Seth would take the leftover filling to work for lunch. I had my tacos in the soft corn tortillas the recipe calls for and Seth had his in crunchy shells. He also made a batch of his famous Pico de Gallo and guac. I used up the last of the cashew sour cream (which I modified with ½ cup of water to thin it out, an extra pinch of salt because I thought it needed it, and about a tablespoon of nooch). We had a simple salad on the side.

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