Stir-Fry with Tofu

Thursday, October 31

Stir-Fry with Tofu

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I wanted a simple dinner since it was Halloween and we needed to get into our costumes for some adult trick or treating (bar-hopping) in the neighborhood. After weeks (I’m slow) of sewing (and complaining) I finally finished my costume a few days before and then made Seth’s in about an hour on Wednesday night. What? His was easier. A few pleats, a couple of finished edges and done. Anyway, we had a bunch of bell peppers from my mom’s garden on hand (the last of the season), so I decided to make a stir-fry. Easy peasy. Normally, I just marinate the tofu all day in the Asian marinade from Veganomicon, and then use some of the leftover marinade as a sauce for the stir-fry. This time I decided to use the stir-fry sauce recipe from Isa Does It listed in the Cast Iron Stir Fry recipe. I never use recipes for stir-fries, except for the sauces, and I thought it was kind of funny when I looked at the ingredient list and it was really close to what I was putting in mine already. So, we more or less made that recipe. The veggies we used were bell pepper, broccoli, a little cauliflower, carrot, shallot and garlic. I’d have loved some snow peas, but we didn’t have any. 

The sauce is really simple and really easy to make. I just added it in at the end when the veggies were close to done and let it cook into them for a little bit. We skipped the avocado, basil and peanut garnish in the recipe since my plan was just to make the sauce anyway. Instead of marinating the tofu, I used the sesame tofu recipe also in the same book and pan-fried it in a little coconut oil. It was a really simple way to get the tofu infused with a little flavor without the need to marinate it. I really liked it in the stir-fry, especially since it got a nice coating of the sauce when I added it to the wok at the end. We served it over brown basmati rice with a side of spring rolls. 

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