White Beans in Sherry-Bread Crumb Gravy

Tuesday, November 5

White Beans in Sherry-Bread Crumb Gravy

Rating: 4.25

I over salted this one a bit, otherwise I would have rated it a 4.5. Looking for an easy, delicious recipe that comes together in no time flat, but seems really fancy pants? Yeah. This is it. I promise, tomorrow will be a meal from another source, but yes, this one is also from Isa Does It. It is so crazy easy, and the gravy is rich, thick and flavorful. I added too much salt at the end when I first tasted it because it seemed like the beans needed it. I always do my beans from scratch and don’t add salt to them, so sometimes I need more in a dish than it calls for. Not this time, but it was still really good. We served it over some sautéed kale, but it would also be good over potatoes or spinach. I like the bitterness of the kale with the flavors of the gravy, though, so I’ll probably always use that. I over cooked the kale a bit, but whatever. I roasted some asparagus to have on the side and warmed up the leftover bread from Monday and it was all good. 

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