Wild Rice Soup with Browned Seitan Strips & Olive Oil Bread

Monday, November 4

Wild Rice Soup with Browned Seitan Strips & Olive Oil Bread

Rating: 4.25

I promise, soon there will be a meal NOT from Isa Does It. That day is not today. With the weather getting chilly, I’ve been on a soup kick, although, some of my recent efforts have been a wee bit too thick. I decided to go with a brothy soup this time. This one really comes together fast if you already have seitan on hand. I made a fresh batch, and kind of goofed it a little by letting the broth get too close to boiling instead of simmering, so mine came out a little spongy. Not bad, and still usable, but some bits were not the best texture. The finished soup is really good – wild rice, carrots, celery, white beans, seitan. Yum. Since I can’t seem to stop making fresh bread these days, I made a loaf of the Olive Oil bread that’s at the end for the soup chapter. Another simple to make recipe, that just needs a little time. The crust was softer than I’d expected (I was thinking it would be chewier) but it is really good bread. Especially fresh out of the oven and dipped in soup. A quick salad rounded out the meal nicely. 

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