Thai Curry Burrito Bowl

Wednesday, November 6

Thai Curry Burrito Bowl

Rating: 4.25

Seth loves burritos, but I can’t eat them – they’re just too big for me. I love all the stuff that goes in them though, so when I found this recipe for Thai Curry Burrito Bowls on the Luminous Vegans blog, I knew we had a winner. Seth gets his burrito fix and I get the yummy burrito insides without having to eat a football-sized object. Plus, Thai curry! There are some things I can’t leave alone when I cook, and tofu is one of them. I used super-firm tofu here because that was what I had in the fridge, but I think I’d have like extra-firm more, since it absorbs flavors better. I added a little tamari while it cooked  and sautéed the Thai chilies and some green onion with the tofu. Garlic would be really good on it, too. We also added some lightly sautéed broccoli and red bell pepper to the bowls. The sauce is super easy to make, but ours came out thinner than theirs looks in their photos. I think it’s because we make fresh peanut butter in the Vitamix and that tends to make for thinner sauces than jarred stuff (something I just now learned – well after having cooked this dinner). Cornstarch should fix it though. Regardless of the thickness of the sauce, it was amazing. I used light coconut milk because I really can't tell a difference between that and full fat. Whichever one you use, you will love, because this stuff is amazing. (I kinda w could probably just put a straw in it.) I really like the versatility of recipes like this one. Don’t like carrots? Leave them out. Want some broccoli? Add it in. Spicy? Not spicy? Up to you. I completely forgot to add the carrots and cucumber that I’d planned to, but no worries. We’ll be making this one again for sure. Seth wanted baked spring rolls on the side, but I think cold basil rolls would be great with this and I plan to make one at least for me next time we have this, which will probably be soon. It’s going in regular rotation. 

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    luminousvegans (Wednesday, 13 November 2013 23:13)

    Looks awesome! Thanks for making and linking to me. Neal actually makes this sauce a lot and usually doesn't measure stuff. So it comes out thinner sometimes, but he's really good at it so it always comes out delicious. But I made him measure it out for the blog recipe :-)

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    Elena (Thursday, 14 November 2013 07:19)

    It was so good! I still think it's funny that it was Neal who came up with this instead of you. ;) I'm terrible about measuring when I cook freehand, so I'm glad you got him to do it so we can all enjoy this bowl of yum.