Curry Tofu Tacos with Pinto Beans and Kale Slaw

Saturday, November 23

Curry Tofu Tacos with Pinto Beans and Kale Slaw

Rating: 4.5

Doctor Who weekend continued with us watching BBC America all day and settling in with a beer or two and the 50th Anniversary special, The Day of The Doctor. Which. Was. Amazing. Seriously. Having Ten back, even just for one episode, made my week. Plus, TOM BAKER! And I’ve given way too much thought to which Doctor we’re really on now, given that Doctor 8.5 showed up in this episode and they acknowledged we are now on 13 instead of 12 and really, Timelords (theoretically) can only regenerate 12 times, so does that mean 12 total Doctors, or 13 because, well, the first one is birth and not regeneration? ANYWAY. We decided we wanted a fun & special dinner since it was kind of a big day, sci-fi wise. We made this amazing taco recipe from The PPK about a month or so ago and loved them. Seth says, “Wow. Those are a pile of vegan,” since they incorporate such quintessential vegan foods like kale, avocado, beans, and curry tofu. And they’re tacos. Despite there being several components, this really does come together quickly. I broiled the tofu because we tend to like ours a little chewier. Also, that way I didn’t have to keep an eye on two pans at the same time. I think the best way to do these is to make the kale slaw first and then just set it aside while you cook the rest. This lets the kale soak up more of the flavor of the dressing, too, which is definitely a good thing. The beans are really simple to make, especially if you use canned. (We used dry and soaked them all day, then cooked them while we watched Doctor Who.) Then all that’s left is piling the corn tortillas with kale, tofu & beans and digging in to a flavor explosion. And in this case, watching the re-play of the special because, well, you know, Doctors.

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