Greek Style White Beans and Spinach

Monday, December 2

Greek Style White Beans and Spinach

Rating: 4.25

I came across this recipe on the Vegan Gourmet Facebook page, and it looked really good. We love beans, and we love spinach, so there was really no question that we’d make this. We’ve only tried one other recipe from this site, and it was delicious, so I was pretty confident in this one. It’s really very basic and comes together very quickly. I accidentally used great northern beans instead of cannellini as called for, but no worries. I made a double batch so there would be plenty of leftovers. The sauce uses an alarming amount of olive oil, so I cut that way back. I also wanted the sauce a little thicker, so I used less broth. The reduced amount of broth was a mistake, because the leftovers were crazy thick. Oh well. The sauce also uses bread, which is pan fried with garlic and then pureed with tomato paste, broth and seasonings like turmeric and cumin. I raided my mom’s winter garden over Thanksgiving and scored a bunch of spinach, along with lettuce and kale. Go mom! So, the spinach I used here was really, really fresh and I may or may not have added extra to the recipe. I didn’t sauté it according to the directions, I just mixed it in at the end when I added the sauce back to the pan with the beans. We had a salad alongside this, yes – made from the lettuce from mom.


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