Linguine with Cashew Alfredo and Veggies

Wednesday, December 11

Linguine with Cashew Alfredo and Veggies

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I was a little disappointed with this one. We normally love cashew alfredo, but this time, we were a little underwhelmed. I more or less combined/modified a couple of alfredo recipes, thinking, “meh – it’ll be fine” but really, it wasn’t. It was good, but it just needed more oomph. One of the recipes I used for reference was this one from Oh She Glows, which, if I’d followed it exactly, probably would’ve been awesome. There’s also a really good one in The Vegan Table, although it’s in there as a mac & cheese recipe, the sauce really comes out more like alfredo so we use it for that. This one from Vegetarian Times is also really good, but since I was out of wine, was out of the question. Anyway. We like to have a lot of vegetables in our pasta, so we used some broccoli, spinach, green peas and grape tomatoes. I tossed the broccoli and peas in with the pasta during the last few minutes it was cooking, then added the spinach and, after slicing them in half, the grape tomatoes, just long enough to wilt the spinach and for the tomatoes to soften a bit. Then, I tossed the pasta, veggies and sauce in a big bowl until it was all well combined. Seth made some of his amazing garlic bread on some French bread we had in the freezer from a few weeks ago when I made a couple of loaves using this recipe. I made a quick salad, and there you go - dinner.


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    Jennifer (Thursday, 19 December 2013)

    Yum! Looks and sounds wonderful! Great site you have here! Mind if I include you on my links page!?