Pad Thai

Wednesday, December 4

Pad Thai

Rating: 4.25

With all the tacos we’ve been eating lately, we sort of neglected one of our other favorites – Asian food. I used to think that Pad Thai was really hard to make, but as it turns out, it’s one of the easiest thing in the world. We usually make the Happy Herbivore Cheater Pad Thai recipe, and we love it, but we decided to give the Everyday Pad Thai recipe from Isa Does It a try. It’s basically as easy as the HH recipe and is, of course, completely adaptable. We stuck pretty close to the recipe but we didn’t have any sprouts, and I added carrots and shredded cabbage. I also changed up the tofu a bit - I tossed the cubes with sesame oil and tamari and then pan-fried it as directed. I mixed up the sauce while the tofu cooked and once the veggies and noodles were cooked, tossed it all with some tongs, adding the noodles a little bit at a time so that everything got coated with the sauce and the veggies and tofu were well mixed with them. This one is a bit spicier than the HH recipe, although I usually spice that one up a bit with some chili-garlic sauce or crushed red pepper. No need for extra spice here, though – the sriracha in the sauce gives it just the right amount of heat and it’s very flavorful. We got four BIG servings out of this, so Seth took the leftovers for work lunches.


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