Puttanesca Pomodoro

Friday, December 28
Puttanesca Pomodoro
Rating: 4.5
While pasta may not be the lightest post-holiday recovery meal, and we still had piles of leftovers (mainly beans, which we were having for lunches), I really wanted to try this recipe from Isa Does It. Fresh diced tomatoes, lots of olives, basil, capers – it just sounded way too yummy. It was also crazy easy to make, so it was a nice break from the crazy amount of cooking I’d been doing. I think I used too much linguini and I was a bit shy on the number of tomatoes I needed, but it didn’t really matter because Seth had some Zombie Sauce leftover from the pizza, so he added that to his – he likes his pasta really saucy. For something so simple, this is a really flavorful dish. We served it with a simple salad and some garlic bread made from the softball sized dinner rolls I’d made at Thanksgiving and stashed in the freezer. Yummy, cozy, easy dinner for a quiet night in with the cats.

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