Sesame Slaw with Garlicky Seitan

Saturday, January 4

Sesame Slaw with Garlicky Seitan

Rating: 4.25

It was one of the coldest days of the year, so I decided I should have a cold salad for dinner. Um yeah. Seth was still out of town, so I wanted something quick that wouldn’t leave me with a ton of leftovers. I also had some red cabbage in the fridge that wanted to be used, so this was the perfect choice. It’s another Isa Does It recipe, and while I don’t normally use a recipe for making a salad, the ones in the book are really inventive and I use them as more of a guide or suggestion than a recipe I stick to closely. I went ahead and made a full batch of the dressing so that I could put this together quickly for lunches later. I only shredded enough cabbage for the one serving for dinner, though. The dressing tastes a little citrusy to me, which is weird because there isn’t any in it, but it’s really tasty. I don’t really care for edamame (other than the steamed and salted kind you get at sushi places), so I left that out and added some thinly sliced cucumber to it. The cabbage softens up nicely when you add the dressing and leave it to sit while prepping the seitan. I had some seitan cutlets on hand from our New Year’s Eve dinner, so I used that for the seitan. I may or may not have added extra garlic to mine, just because. The warm, crispy, garlicky seitan is perfect with the cool crunch of the cabbage, and the toasted sesame seeds add that little something extra. I had a mini spring roll along with sriracha and hot mustard for dipping alongside this, and it was a perfect little meal for one.


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