Thai Curry Burrito Bowls

Monday, January 6

Thai Curry Burrito Bowls

Rating: 4.25

We found this recipe on the Luminous Vegans blog and loved it the last time we made it. I’m a sucker for any kind of coconut curry, especially if you add peanuts to the mix, or in this case, peanut butter. This is one of those endlessly customizable meals - we use whatever we have in the fridge, which is usually broccoli, bell pepper, green onions, garlic, and of course, tofu. This time I had some red cabbage on hand too, so I shredded some of that and tossed it in there. I keep meaning to add cucumber to mine, but I always forget. We like to marinate the tofu before cooking it, so I just mixed together some tamari, rice vinegar & sriracha along with a clove of garlic (pressed). Some mirin would’ve been really good in here too. Anyway, I stir-fried the tofu in the wok until it was crispy on most sides and then set it aside. Then I did the same with the veggies and out the sauce together while they were cooking. (Don’t overcook them – they’re best crunchy.) I really should have made a half batch of sauce – I think that’s what I did last time – because it makes a lot. We used basmati rice since that’s what we had in the cabinet and squeezed some fresh lime wedges over ours. We were out of cilantro, but a little bit sprinkled on top is really good. And I don’t even like cilantro.


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