Black Bean Burgers, OMG Baked Onion Rings and Salad

Friday, January 24

Black Bean Burgers, OMG Baked Onion Rings and Salad

Rating: 4.25

Yeah, yeah, I know. Typical vegans eating black beans two nights in a row. It’s bean a little while since we’ve made black bean burgers and we felt like we were due. There are probably a zillion recipes for these, but the one we normally make is from Veganomicon. Maybe I’m partial to it because it was the first homemade veggie burger recipe I ever made, but they really are quite good, and the texture is excellent. Before making these, I thought making veggie burgers was some mysterious process that could only happen in big factories where they make the frozen ones, or uh, you know in restaurants. I don’t know why I thought this, but I did. This recipe has just a few ingredients and comes together in no time at all. It makes 6 patties, and I freeze the leftovers between sheets of wax paper in a sturdy freezer bag, which makes them just as convenient as a box of store bought, only much less expensive and more wholesome. It’s best to thaw them out before reheating. I really wanted some onion rings, but didn’t want all the stuff I can’t pronounce, plus the extra fat, in the frozen kind. Also? I am in love with this OMG Baked Onion Rings recipe (also in Appetite for Reduction). I buy the fattest onion I can find so the rings are extra big. I also like to add a little Cajun seasoning to the breadcrumb mixture. These take a few minutes since you have to dip each of the onion slices into the almond milk mixture and then the breadcrumbs, but they’re worth it. Even though these were pretty healthy burgers and rings, we really felt like we should have some, you know, vegetables with dinner, so I made a quick salad and topped it with some Buttermilk Ranch from Cookin’ Crunk. Perfect Friday night dinner.


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