Pinto Bean and Veggie Quesadillas

Sunday, January 26

Pinto Bean and Veggie Quesadillas

Rating: 4.75

Seth has officially been declared Master of the Quesadilla. He makes really good pinto beans – there’s really not a recipe, just beans, cumin, chili powder, garlic powder and salt – and he wanted to have quesadillas, so there you go. The beans need a couple of hours to cook and you really want to start with dried beans. It’s best of they soak before you cook them or they’ll need more time to cook. Seth let these simmer for about 3 hours, until they were nice and soft. When the beans were almost done, he made a batch of guacamole and a batch of fresh salsa. We like to load up our quesadillas, so he also chopped up some broccoli, onions, garlic, green onion and spinach and sautéed it all, starting with the broccoli and onions and adding the rest once the broccoli was starting to soften and was charred in places. When the spinach was wilted, he piled the beans & veggies onto flour tortillas, added some Daiya Havarti, and cooked them until they were browned. He kept them warm in the toaster oven as he cooked the remaining quesadillas. These were seriously good quesadillas. The best I’ve ever eaten. I can’t wait to have them again. Oh, and Seth also cooked a little bit of rice to make burrito bowls for lunch out of the leftover filling. Double win.


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