All the Birthday Foods!

Tuesday, February 25

All the Birthday Foods!

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Sooo… Seth and his mom have the same birthday, and we decided to go visit her in Chattanooga. And to eat some of our favorite foods. We started out the day at Dulce Vegan where we both got English muffin sandwiches with tofu “egg”, tempeh bacon, and Daiya cheddar (Seth’s also had tomato). I love the English muffins at Dulce, so when Seth said he wanted to go there for breakfast, I did not need to be asked twice. Seth also got a “cowboy” cookie to go after breakfast. What the hell, it was his birthday. We grabbed some cupcakes to take to his mom as well, after all, it was her birthday too. Once we got to Chattanooga, we headed to Sluggo’s for lunch before going to see Seth’s mom. I meant to order the Berliner, a Reuben-style sandwich, but for some reason, when I ordered I asked for the Philly Seitan instead. No worries- I love that sandwich too, it was just a surprise when they brought our food. My brain is apparently non-functional at this point. I got the plate as opposed to just the sandwich, so mine came with a salad and a side. I got double salad, which is what I normally do. It’s a really good salad and the sandwiches are Seth got the nachos, which he loves. They’re listed in the appetizer section, but it’s a huge portion. They’re loaded with chili (Seth subs black beans), avocado, olives, lettuce, tomato and 2 cheese sauces. And they are so good. After a visit with his mom, we headed back to Atlanta to have a late dinner at Top Spice, which is more or less Seth’s favorite place to eat. Yes. I know. We ate out all three meals. Whatever. We got what we almost always get when we go to Top Spice – Tofu Garlic Pepper, which is tofu and red bell peppers in a yummy brown sauce topped with crispy garlic and served over chopped lettuce. I know, the lettuce sounds weird, but it’s not, it’s really good. We also get the Kari Sayur Campur, which is a hot pot full of a brothy, coconut milk curry with tofu and vegetables. We share both dishes and leave stuffed. I confess, we’ve had these two dishes so many times, I didn’t even take photos, I just recycled ones we’ve taken before.


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    Becky Striepe (Tuesday, 04 March 2014 07:30)

    Man, that looks like a delicious birthday spread! Happy birthday to Seth and his mom!

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    Elena (Tuesday, 04 March 2014 09:03)

    We were so full!