Vegetable eTouffee over Wild Rice

Monday, February 24

Vegetable eTouffee over Wild Rice

Rating: 4.25


So, we had all those yummy veggies in the fridge and I decided what better way to use them other than a big pot of veg and beans. I found this recipe in One Dish Vegan (one of my new favorite books) and wanted to try it out. From the basket, we used the parsley, bell pepper, and green onions (it was a really large bunch, so there was plenty left from the stir-fry). I picked up a couple of zucchinis and some more onions and we were all set. Instead of the traditional (and gross) shrimp or crawfish (aka crawdads here in the South), this recipe uses red beans. I think a baked tofu, using super-firm so it didn’t come apart, would also be good here. In addition to being a one-pot dish, this recipe also has the advantage of coming together very quickly. Once you’ve chopped the veggies, it’s done in less than 30 minutes. It was a little bit juicier than I’d expected, but then again, I’ve never had eTouffee of any kind before, so I didn’t have any basis of comparison. But, being a big fans of piles of veggies with beans or tofu, we both really enjoyed this. We served it over wild rice just to mix things up a little bit (I’m getting tired of brown rice) and it was a good call. I cooked the rice in broth for a little extra oomph and it was really good. The recipe says it makes 4 servings, but those are pretty big servings – there was a lot left over for lunches.


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