Shiitake Bahn Mi

Friday, March 7

Shiitake Bahn Mi

Rating: 4.5

I don’t normally blog about lunch, but holy yum this one was really good. I was home and was feeling industrious. I also had some shiitake mushrooms in the fridge we’d gotten in the Vegetable Husband basket. Seth doesn’t like mushrooms at all, and I love them. I’d never cooked with shiiatkes before, so I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. When flipping through Isa Does It, I came across this recipe and decided to give a shot. I’m so glad I did. I love tofu bahn mi and this version using shiitakes is amazing and crazy easy. It really does only take 20 minutes. I knew it was going to be good just from tasting the almond butter spread. I don’t like red radishes and the store I went to earlier didn’t have any daikon, so my pickles weren’t quite as flavorful as they could’ve been. I added a little bit of carrot so it wouldn’t be just cucumber slices. Next time, I will make sure I have daikon radishes on hand. The mushrooms were really easy and only took a few minutes to cook. I really hope to get more of them in our veggie baskets so I can make this again soon. It’s my favorite version of a bahn mi yet.


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