Drink Art Thai Restaurant

Tuesday, March 11

Drink Art Thai Restaurant

Rating: 5


Guys! There’s a new vegan restaurant in Atlanta and they are not playing around. We first heard about Drink Art on Twitter when someone we know inquired if anyone had heard anything about it. We hadn’t, so Seth did a little poking around on the interwebs, and we saw right away that this was a place we needed to go, and soon. Several of our friends posted photos of their meals there and we were becoming increasingly jealous, so we made it our business to get there forthwith. If you haven’t heard about it, Drink Art is an all-vegan Thai restaurant in Castleberry Hills. When we arrived, we were greeted by a very friendly and helpful staff who let us look around and take some photos of the restaurant. It features an open kitchen with a small bar and several booths downstairs. Upstairs is a second seating area with benches and low tables, all facing the beautiful patio, which has an amazing view of the city. There are no tables on the patio, which I kind of like – it gives it more of a lounge feel. This is going to be a really popular spot this spring and summer. Once we were settled in at our table, we started off with a couple of cocktails, because you sort of have to at a place called Drink Art. I had a Yumberry Martini (vodka, berry liqueur, lemon) and Seth had a cucumber cocktail. Both lived up to up to cocktail artistry expectations we had. In addition to cocktails, they also have a selection of beers and organic wines, as well as organic juices. For an appetizer, we got the sampler platter, which consists of three of their appetizers – there was no way we could pick just one, or even two items to start with. We got the spring rolls, the golden bags, and the corn fritters. The golden bags are little pastry purses filled with veggies and they are delicious. Seth was so excited since it had been ages since he’d had golden bags and he said they were much better than others he’d had in the past. The spring rolls were pretty self-explanatory and also delicious. Our favorite was the corn fritters. I can only guess that they used magic to make them because they were amazing. Our server told us those are pretty much everyone’s favorite and I can see why. It took us a while to decide on our entrees because it all looked so good and there were so many choices. That’s the best part of vegan restaurants – you can order anything on the menu, and since Drink Art is a Thai restaurant, there’s the added bonus of not having to have the “no fish sauce, please” conversation with the servers. We finally settled on the Phad Khi Mao with veggie chicken for me, which was described on the menu as “Stir Fried Drunken Noodles With Chili, Garlic, Onion, And Thai Herbs.” Sounds good, right? It was. It was really, really, really good. Seth had the Phad Phrik Pao, which was “Stir Fried With Cashew Nuts, Onions And Herbs In A Sweet Chili Paste”. He had the veggie pepper steak, but you can order it with tofu or veggie chicken as well. His was also amazing – I made sure to taste it so that I could provide you with an accurate review. I’m a giver. I may or may not have tasted it a few times, just to be sure. Aside from the incredibly delicious flavors, there were a few other things I truly loved about our meals. First, they both had lots of veggies in them. Often when you get a noodle dish, you get mostly noodles, but this one had plenty of veg. The next thing was that the veggies were very fresh and were cooked perfectly – tender, but still very crisp. Perfect. The spiciness was also just right. Dishes marked as hot on the menu, like mine was, are actually hot. Not crazy hot. Not surface of the sun hot. Just perfectly, yummily, wonderfully hot. We’re lucky that we live so close, because as Seth told the staff, we plan to be regulars there. We certainly won’t be waiting until my birthday next month to go back. It’s a pretty popular spot, so I made sure to call ahead and make a reservation. Since we were there on a Tuesday, it wasn’t that crowded, but if you plan to go on a weekend, definitely call ahead.




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