Chipotle, Potato & Seitan Tacos with Salvadoran Slaw

Friday, March 14

Chipotle, Potato & Seitan Tacos with Salvadoran Slaw

Rating: 4.5


No, we really can’t get enough tacos around here. I built this meal around some veggies we had and went from there. Since St. Patrick’s Day is coming, the Vegetable Husband baskets included cabbage, and we still had a few of the carrots from the previous basket on hand, so I decided figured I should make some kind of slaw. We haven’t had the Salvadoran Slaw from Viva Vegan in a little while, and it had been a whole week since we’d had tacos. So. There you go. Maybe not exactly an Irish dinner, but I did use both cabbage and potatoes so it counts right? Whatever. I still have enough left for Monday. Anyway, we also had some seitan in the freezer, so I flipped through Viva Vegan to look for a taco recipe. I know, I know, this should really be a no-brainer that doesn’t require a recipe, but I buy cookbooks because the people who write them are cleverer in the kitchen than I am, so even for things like tacos, I sometimes use an actual recipe instead of just stuffing things into tortillas. Besides, Viva Vegan is an amazing book filled with stuff you probably never thought of. These two recipes are both really simple to do. The slaw is just a handful of ingredients and is vinegar based as opposed to the mayo-based slaw we’re used to here in the South. I make it first so that it has time to marinate while I cook everything else. It goes in a bag in the fridge, and then you put something heavy on it so the marinade gets pressed into the cabbage and it gets tender and yummy. The seitan for the tacos gets marinated for a short while; it really just needs about 15 minutes, but I let ours sit for about an hour while I prepped and roasted the potatoes. The marinade is so simple, but so good - it’s mainly beer and chipotle in adobo.  Once the seitan is ready to go, it gets pan fried, and then the potatoes get cooked in the same skillet with the leftover marinade. Seth likes corn tortillas, so I put his tacos in those and used flour for mine. I used plain old store-bought vegan sour cream, but there’s also a cashew crema recipe in the book I plan to make for our next meal like this. These tacos, or others like them, will definitely be making regular appearances in our dinner rotation.


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