Chickpea Cutlets and Mustard Sauce, Asparagus and Roasted Potatoes

Tuesday, April 29

Chickpea Cutlets and Mustard Sauce, Asparagus and Roasted Potatoes

Rating: 4.75


This is one of Seth’s favorite meals, and since we’d gotten asparagus in our veggie basket, it was perfect timing. The cutlet and mustard sauce recipes are both in Veganomicon, but the cutlets recipe can also be found here here on the PPK site. It calls for plain breadcrumbs, which I thought I had, but it turned out I only had panko, so I used those. It didn’t seem to matter, so if you get in a pinch, don’t panic. I bake ours instead of frying, and I freeze the extras for later. I made a half batch of the mustard sauce since it makes a lot. It freezes well, but it can really only be reheated once before it gets wonky. Instead of cooking sherry, I used regular sherry because that was what was in the cabinet, but I’ve also used white wine and it’s just as good. The potatoes were just basic roasted red potatoes, except I use a trick I picked up from the Candle 79 Cookbook, which is to add nooch to them before roasting. Trust me. Do it. It adds a little something extra flavor-wise and a nice crispiness too. We like to keep the asparagus simple and just grill it in a cast-iron grill pan with a titch of salt & pepper. It’s so good with the mustard sauce, it really doesn’t need anything else. While this is kind of an involved dinner to make on a weeknight, if you have the time, it’s totally worth it.


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