Pinto Bean and Kale Slaw Tacos and Yellow Rice with Garlic

Wednesday, June 11

Pinto Bean and Kale Slaw Tacos and Yellow Rice with Garlic

Rating: 4.5

It’s no secret that we love tacos and there is pretty much no limit to how often we can eat them. Wednesday is the Vegetable Husband delivery day, and this week’s basket had an ENORMOUS bunch of kale in it. I was already thinking of making tacos, so I’d picked up an avocado at the store the day before and soaked some pinto beans. We love the Curry Tofu and Pinto Bean Tacos with Kale Slaw recipe from the PPK. I was thinking of doing that one, but I decided to leave out the tofu this time. The pintos are really good on their own, but without the tofu they are a tad bland, so I added a scant half-teaspoon each of cumin and oregano to the onion, bean & tomato mixture and it was perfect. I made a full batch of the sauce for the kale slaw, but only chopped up half the amount of kale. I knew I’d have leftover beans, so I wanted to have some extra dressing since it keeps well, but I didn’t want to dress the full amount of kale because it gets a little too soft if it sits overnight in the dressing. I thought about making a salad to go with this, but decided we had so much kale it wasn’t needed. I did, however, decide we needed rice. Our favorite rice is the Yellow Rice with Garlic recipe in Viva Vegan. It’s really simple to make and oh so good. Instead of buying annatto infused oil (that orange oil you see on the Mexican aisle in the grocery store) I make my own from the recipe also in Viva Vegan. It keeps pretty much forever, so I make a batch & stick it in the pantry with the other oils so I always have some on hand. The annatto seeds are easy to find in just about any grocery store (again, look on the Mexican food aisle), and people will think you’re fancy for making your own infused oil. I made a half batch of rice because I didn’t want to have a ton leftover. By the time we’d piled up our tacos, there was just enough of everything left for a nice lunch for me to have the next day.


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    This resembles an astonishing feast. I adore eating avocado with anything curried, it's such a pleasant supplement. I adore the sound of the kale slaw. Tahini and avocado across the board dressing is up my back street!