Saturday, September 22 Cuban Sandwiches at Dough Bakery Rating: 4.5

OK, so this was really lunch. We went to a birthday party for one of Seth’s coworkers and had some leftover pizza for dinner before we headed over. Dough Bakery had the Cuban as their sandwich special this week and we really wanted to try them. They were amazing. For those of you outside of Atlanta, Dough is a little piece of heaven. Seriously. They have a deli called Gutenfleishers inside the bakery where they make their own vegan sandwich meats. Yes. Freshly made, vegan deli meats. They have a wide variety too – everything from ham to spicy turkey to steak and several others in between. And it’s all delicious. So, back to The Cuban – it’s a pressed sandwich on fresh Cuban bread with Gutenfleischers HM (ham), Daiya Mozzarella, pickles, banana peppers mayo & mustard. Oh and you could choose between spicy mustard and agave Dijon for the mustard. Seth got potato salad for a side and I got the carrot kale salad. I don’t know what kind of yum they use for the dressing on that kale, but just wow. They were having a breakdance contest and backspin promo – you got 5% off your order for each completed backspin. No one was dancing while we were there but we were ready for them if they did – we brought the video camera. Dough tweeted later that there were a couple of people brave enough to do backspins. We had a great time even without any breakdancing because we ran into several friends we’ve met at vegan meet ups, and also the president of GARP. (Psst – we’re going to be on her radio show on Wednesday the 26th). 

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    Kristen (Sunday, 30 September 2012 20:05)

    This place sounds amazing! I have to try it.