Salt & Pepper Tofu Tacos with Asian Slaw

Friday, February 26

Salt & Pepper Tofu Tacos with Asian Slaw

Rating: 4.75

I’m in love with the Salt & Pepper Tofu recipe in Color Me Vegan. I was really nervous about it the first time I made it because the seasoning mix seemed a little too simple, but we loved it. There are a few sauce recipes to serve along with it, and we always use the Ginger-Scallion sauce. The recipe as written is fried and uses what I think is a lot of oil. Our friend Becky suggested baking it instead and that works out really well, using a lot less oil and getting the chewy texture we love. I just coat the tofu in a little bit of oil, then toss it with the spice blend and bake it. Once it’s done baking, I cook it in a pan with the sauce so it gets nicely coated and gooey. We used flour tortillas for the tacos and filled them out with Asian Slaw, which I changed up a little from the last time I made it by using stuff we got in our Vegetable Husband basket – I used Napa cabbage instead of green and purple and used pea shoots instead of snow peas. It’s endlessly interchangeable depending on what you have on hand. We made a side of Yellow Rice with Garlic from Viva Vegan to go with the tacos. It’s my favorite rice recipe and it went really well with these, even though they were Asian-inspired tacos.






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    Becky Striepe (Tuesday, 04 March 2014 21:24)

    I'm so glad you're digging it. Those tacos look awesome! I've been making mine with no oil, but you need a Silpat to keep the tofu from sticking.

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    Elena (Wednesday, 05 March 2014 09:03)

    Oooh! I may try it oil-free next time. We have a Silpat. Thanks for the tip! :)