Ammazza Pizza

Saturday, March 15

Ammazza Pizza

Rating: 4.75


Being vegan in Atlanta just keeps getting easier and easier. There have been some really exciting new choices for us coming on the scene lately. First, there was Drink Art opening a few weeks back. In case you missed it, we went there earlier in the week and holy yum it was amazing. But, back to the pizza. We’re always glad when pizza places have vegan cheese available, and we really do appreciate it, but Ammazza just raised the standards a bit. They apparently ran a special recently, which included house-made cashew cheese. It went so well, they decided to make it a regular menu item. Yes. You read that right. A non-vegan restaurant has added cashew cheese, that they make themselves, to the regular menu. There are two different specialty pies you can order with it. We got the Piccatta, which consisted of their house tomato sauce, spicy peppers, caramelized onions, marinated artichokes and red bell peppers, plus that wonderful, cashew cheese. The other is the Giardino, which has the sauce and the cheese, plus spinach, basil, raw onions, mushrooms, and artichokes. Both are clearly marked vegan on the menu, which I love. It’s great to see restaurants embrace “the v-word” instead of shying away from it. And it’s not just the cheese either, the staff there actually understands what we mean when we ask if something is vegan or not. We ordered a spinach salad, and Seth asked them to be sure to not put any cheese or anything on it. I asked if the dressing was vegan, and the girl taking our order told us it had honey in it, but she could give us oil & vinegar instead. Bonus points for knowing honey isn’t vegan. So how was the food? It was so freaking good. I’m picky about pizza being from the ‘burbs of NYC and all, but I have to say, this was really good pizza. The crust was perfect - thin and soft and foldable. The sauce was delicious, the veggies on the pie were cooked just right and also were an awesome combination. And the cashew cheese could not have been better. We loved it. We made sure to tell the server how good it was, and to thank them for adding the vegan options to the menu. He told us that they thought they would sell a few vegan pizzas a day, but it’s been a few every hour. Goes to show, if you build it, we will come. And eat. Often. If you live in Atlanta and want to try Ammazza, it’s on Edgewood between Boulevard and Krog, and has it’s own parking lot. They have an outdoor seating area for when the weather is nice, and a really good selection of craft beers to go with your yummy vegan pie. So go. And thank them for raising the bar of vegan pizza in Atlanta.


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