Saturday, January 12 Sluggo’s North Vegetarian Café Rating: 4.5

We had to make a quick run to Chattanooga over the weekend (long story) so naturally we went to Sluggo’s – our favorite place to eat there. If you’re every in Chatty, check it out. Seriously awesome Southern vegan diner food. Yes. you read that right. This time, I had the BBQ sub plate. You can choose either tofu or seitan – I had the tofu. It’s super yummy – sliced really thin, lightly breaded, smothered in BBQ sauce.  The plates there come with a salad and a side. The salad is a big portion, and all of the dressings are amazing. This time I had a green goddess, which I loved, but the creamy dill is oh so delightful as well. Sometimes, I’m healthy and get double salad instead of a side (because I can actually eat a salad the size of my head), but this time I got the pasta salad. It’s has an Italian style dressing and is crazy good.



Seth got the Philly Cheesesteak. I’ve tried that one too and it’s also ridiculously delicious, but it’s crazy messy to eat. Seth got one of their special sides for the day – pesto mac & cheese. Yes. Pesto. Mac. And. Cheese. And yes, it was as good as it sounds, although I don’t even want to think about how not healthy it had to be. I only had one little bite. Seriously, we love Sluggo’s and they have the added coolness of an event space downstairs where they screen movies and have bands play on some Saturdays, so it’s extra cool. 

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