On 3/17/20 I, met up with the Georgia Animal Rights Protection group GARP for their first day of action at a place called Noah’s Ark in Locust Grove, GA. Noah’s Ark is a refuge for animals and children. You can find out all about them on their website. Suffice to say that they provide sanctuary for abused animals, the animals come to them from failed circuses, private owners who mistreated them and even some drug dealers who thought it would be cool to have an exotic animal.

What Noah’s Ark does is provide abused animals a place to live out their natural life. These animals are not fit for the wild so the animals live in very large pens and are cared for by staff and trained volunteers. The public is invited to come on the grounds for free and see the animals. Some animals like the peacocks and ducks are not in pens. It is not uncommon to see some wandering deer while you are viewing the animals. The staff suggests not to approach the deer because if they become to accustomed to people they will be easy targets for hunters.

The GARP day of action consisted of picking up fallen sticks and branches and putting them in piles for the grounds crew to dispose of. Melody Paris, president of GARP, spoke to me on camera saying that this was a great way for the GARP volunteers to get out in the fresh air and do some good for animals. Melody also has a radio show on WRFG called A Second Opinion, which has speakers and chefs who talk about the benefits of a plant based diet. Melody says that says that there will be more GARP day of action events and we plan to cover them.