Monday, May 13 Garlicky Mushrooms and Kale Rating: 3.75

With Seth out of town for work, I decided to make myself something I rarely eat when he’s home – mushrooms. He hates them. I love them. We are a house divided. Our other conflict vegetables are eggplant (I love, he hates) and collards (he loves, I hate).  So, while I make collards for him and a separate veggie for myself when I do, the others I only cook when it’s just me. I made the Garlicky Mushrooms and Kale recipe from Appetite for Reduction once before. It’s a pretty basic recipe, using just a few ingredients – mainly just mushrooms, garlic and kale. It’s actually a side dish, but since it was just me for dinner, I didn’t make anything else.  I probably would prefer it as a side better – I mean, I like the recipe, it’s good, it’s just not my favorite thing I’ve ever made. I also prefer kale raw, so there’s that. But, probably alongside some baked tofu or something, this would be a solid bet. 


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